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Why Car Manufacturers are No Longer Including Spare Tires

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Many folks stuck on the side of the road begin wondering, too late, why car manufacturers are no longer including spare tires. Having a flat is irritating. Finding out there is no spare tire to be found makes it five times as bad!

Car spare tire in trunk

There are a few reasons car manufacturers stopped putting spares in some of their vehicles. Here are a few:

  • They want to make the car lighter, increasing fuel efficiency. Some do so to meet regulations.

  • Run-flat tires are installed on select cars so if there is a problem, the car can be driven up to 100 miles to get a repair. But run flat tires have other disadvantages like poor driving performance and high cost.

  • Most auto insurance plans include road side assistance to tow your vehicle to the nearest tire shop. Typically you will be waiting several hours before getting back on the road.

  • Manufacturers wish to save money and the auto market is very competitive these days where every dollar counts.

  • Air pressure sensors on vehicles help keep drivers aware of tire issues so they can get repairs done before you are stranded with a flat tire.

I know, the reasons do not help when we are stuck in a parking lot with a flat or worse on the side of an interstate with a blown out tire. But, its nice to know if your vehicle does have a spare tire that way you can properly prepare and know your options.

What can the average Joe or Jane do to prepare for flat tires then?

  1. First, read the owner's manual. Check the obvious - is there a spare in the car?

  2. If not, does it have run-flat emergency tires?

  3. Or is there an emergency inflation kit in the trunk?

  4. Buy an inflation kit at a local parts store. Also, carry a tire sealant kit to repair the most common leaks and punctures yourself.

  5. Take action when tire sensors are giving off warnings and make sure your tires are properly inflated. They won't fix themselves.

  6. Sign up with AAA or check your insurance policy for roadside assistance.

Now you have options, regardless of why car manufacturers are not putting spare tires in all their models. No need in fighting that trend. It's better to be self-reliant and prepare on our own.

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