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Unique Gift Ideas for the ATV UTV Rider on your 2018 Christmas list

It’s that hectic time of year again. Crossing people off your holiday shopping list is one of life’s more cathartic feelings, but sometimes it can be tricky to find that perfect gift that pairs utility with fun. We can’t help you with all your picky relatives, but for that adventurous loved one that’s always out on their ATV, here are 10 of the smartest gift ideas out there.

1. TireJect ATV tire sealant kit

ATV tires take a lot of punishment. They’re not often trotting along nice, paved roads, after all. Every ATV rider’s best friend is the highest rated tire sealant for preventing or repairing flat tires from tread and sidewall punctures to bead leaks. TireJect is the only brand that offers a permanent fix to most tire injuries. Made with DuPont Kevlar fibers.

Price: $54.99-$99.99 (Single pack repair kit $21.99)

2. ATV emergency tire repair kit

A portable tire repair kit guaranteed to save any stranded ATV rider. An emergency tire repair kit packs all the power of a tire sealant kit but in, smaller, manageable quantities. Perfect for guaranteeing those long ATV trips go smoothly.

Price: $59.95

3. ATV/UTV CO2 tire inflator kit with regulator valve

You can never go wrong with an extra tire inflator kit. Whether the tire needs reinflated after a quick repair or the air pressure just needs a bit of a top-off, inflator kits are dead useful. The TireJect kit can get a tire back to full inflation in just seconds, to keep the fun times going.

Price: $24.95

4. Riding goggles – 100% Strata Goggles

What fun is that gorgeous trail ride if you’re not seeing it clearly? Riding goggles are stylish, useful, and easy to wrap up. For the ATV rider in your life, make sure they have at least one matching pair for each vehicle.

Price: $35

5. Riding gloves – 100% Brisker Winter Gloves

ATV riding gloves need to be warm but moveable. Without a good pair or two, long trails or cold weather riding are definitely a no-go. Customizable in color to match every unique personality.

Price: $29.50

6. Winch

ATV’s are good for more than just riding. ATV’s and UTV’s can also pull substantial loads when given the opportunity. How much and how far greatly depends on the pulling equipment used. All the power in the world can’t compensate for a shoddy hook up, so make sure every ATV you know is paired with a quality winch to ensure maximum power. Don’t be too scared of the price tags on the better brands of winches, there are plenty of Black Friday deals coming up that’ll give you the opportunity to get them for a steal.

Price: $200-$500

7. LED Light Bar

Buying for a ATV rider who goes on many late-night adventures? A high-quality LED light bar might be just what they need to light up that treacherous darkness. Ideally, you will want a light bar that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and able to withstand just about any terrain. Prices vary depending on the model and features you are looking for.

Price: $108-$400

8. GoPro Camera

If your ATV rider is always on the go, chances are they do not have the time to slow down and take quality pictures of their many adventures, at least not safely. That is why a GoPro Camera might be an excellent present. All the rider needs is his or her own voice to command the camera to snap a great picture or record a breathtaking video.

Price: $180-$600

9. Polaris RZR Sweatshirt

Let your ATV fan ride in style by choosing a comfortable high-quality Polaris RZR Sweatshirt as a gift this year. The cotton provides extra warmth, and the sweatshirt is guaranteed to look sleek and athletic on any build.

Price: $50-$55

10. Hydration Pack for Water and Extra Storage

Even the most devoted rider needs to take a water break every once in a while. So why not make those water breaks all the more convenient for your rider with a snazzy hydration pack from Cabela’s? This pack can hold way more than water. In fact, your rider can count on it to hold just about anything he may need. What’s more, this pack is made from quality material that guarantees durability and comfort.

Price: $40-$50

Bonus 11: UTV Off-Road Magazine Subscription

Is the ATV rider in your life always seeking the latest news in the off-road circle? If so, you might be opening them to a world of engaging articles and illuminating information with a subscription to UTV Off-Road Magazine. This magazine shares the latest industry news, offers glimpses into the future of Off-Road, and so much more.

Price: $19.95 (one-year subscription) to $29.95 (two-year subscription)

For more information and great deals on tire sealant and tire repair, be sure to visit

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