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[SOLVED]: Help! Thorns Are Causing Constant Flat Tires; What Can I Do?

Do you live in an area such as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, or another state with lots of thorns? Are you tired of goathead thorns, locust thorns, mesquite thorns, rose thorns, and other thorns causing constant flat tires? The struggle is over thanks to TireJect.

TireJect is the best tire sealant for thorns and can prevent flat tires caused by thorns. TireJect is made with liquid rubber, rubber particles, and Kevlar fiber, making it incredibly strong and durable. The Kevlar and rubber work together to form a plug from the inside, and the liquid rubber permanently seals the leaks. TireJect can seal up thousands of punctures in no time, getting your ATV, SxS, lawn mower, or other vehicle up and running quickly. TireJect is a clear leader when it comes to sealing thorn punctures and thanks to the 5-in-1 off-road tire sealant formula you can also fix all sorts of flat tires caused by nails, screws, bead leaks, minor tire dry rot.

You can also use TireJect as a preventative measure. Pre-installing TireJect will give your tires the extra durability they need to handle even the most stubborn thorns, preventing flats before they happen. For extremely thorny areas, TireJect recommends installing 25% extra sealant to ensure your tires are fully protected. With TireJect keeping your tires protected from thorns, you won’t have to worry about constant leaks and repairs.

If this all sounds too good to be true, you only have to take a quick look at TireJect’s reviews to see that the hype is real. Check out some of these reviews from TireJect customers that back up the product’s effectiveness:

​“I had a thorn in my UTV Tire, added TireJect, and presto, no more air leak. What I liked best is the ease of using it. The fluid flows easily into the valve stem, not like the green stuff I used to use.” -Dale S.

“Both front tires on my X One were flat from wild rose thorns, 20+ tiny leaks. I installed 4 oz in each tire, filled them +10% and slowly rotated them. All leaks stopped!” -Roger Smith.

“Two side by sides got 12oz each of TireJect. They all had mesquite thorns and cactus in them. Pulled thorns, added TireJect and five days later not one low tire. Pretty good stuff.” -Skip Black.

Though thorns have long been an annoyance to anyone with a lawn mower, ATV, SxS, or other off-road vehicle, the problem has been solved. With TireJect’s tire sealant and protectant, you can fix the leaks in your tires and prevent them from happening again. Next time you get frustrated by thorns puncturing your tires, remember that TireJect is the best tire sealant for thorns and the perfect solution for repair and prevention.

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